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You landed upon Steve Wilson's blog. This is a journal about things that fly, Steve's life, and other ponderings.

Have You Heard About the Raspberry Pi?Interested in the Raspberry Pi, the Internet of Things (IoT), and ADS-B?
Employee AppreciationThere was one convenient parking space, still no one yet bothered to shovel it.
You're a Co-pilot, Not a Real PilotAnd, real planes have a down-plane button.
Don Headphones. Crank It Up.On this recording are twenty members of the total chorus. Yes, I'm there.
Oshkosh, the "Busiest Tower in the World" is closing. Is your tower closing too?Check out the official FAA list to see if your tower is about to become radio silent too.
Kill Not Your BirdIt's also how to fry an egg. Read on lest you will end up with a sticky mess, ruined eggs or worse yet, a dead parrot.
Pressure Cooking and a RecipeNow that you're inspired to get one, or get yours out, here's how to make comfort food this winter.
Apartment Living TipI learned this trick from Dale Froehlich several years ago.
Q*bert in the FleshQ*bert, the protagonist of a 1980s video game hit was along for a ride in my airplane.
Airplanes and TaxesWhat would otherwise cost an owner more than seven hundred dollars round trip to operate a Turbo Skylane from St. Louis to Chicago and back - a year's worth of such trips are afforded by tax savings alone.
NASA Did Not Prevent Earth Life from Contaminating MarsThe "Seven Minutes of Terror" did not play out as NASA expected us to believe.
What’s wrong with Cirrus pilots? I say nothing.I agree with most everything Richard Collins says, except the premise of his recent post.
According to NASA: Small Planes Are Very SafeBeing that I sell small planes, you'd think I would agree; and from the perspective of space travel, I suppose it's true.
The Jacob Wilson ExperienceJacob is celebrated by his friends on Facebook in this upload:
Simple and Yummy Caramel PopcornBag the corn in quart-sized Ziplocs, not gallon. You will eat this bag in one sitting.
M&M's and Bird FoodPurple may be her least or most favorite color. I don't know.
Thirty-Nine Million DollarsThat's what Gateway would've valued my laptop in 1982 advertising.
Mouse iNhibitorThe iVersion of modern day mousing.
Dikes Part the Missouri RiverAlternate title: "On the Lookout for Captain Crab".
Oshkosh, Me and AdamThe best part is, we're flying home in Cessna's brand new Skycatcher, the very plane Cessna has on display at the show.

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